The world our children are growing-up in is increasingly scientific and technological and children need to acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes to prepare them for modern life. 

We develop children’s scientific enquiry skills through practical activities, so that they can apply these skills across a range of subjects, contexts and opportunities.  These skills are built upon as the children move through the year groups. They include: asking questions, comparative and fair tests, taking accurate measurements and careful observations, gathering, recording, classifying, presenting and interpreting data, reporting and presenting findings, drawing conclusions and identifying scientific evidence.

We develop children’s science subject knowledge following the National Curriculum and ensure children and staff use scientific vocabulary precisely and accurately across a range of scientific areas. 

We try and use the local area as much as possible to develop the children’s scientific use our grounds to grow fruit and vegetables and use our produce to create healthy dishes. Every other year KS2 take part in the school’s science fair following a trip to a science centre. We also take part in the Mid-Sussex Science Fair to extend children’s science experiences and link with local business.

We know our children enjoy science, especially practical science and the teaching of science is a priority for us.