At Bolney, reading for pleasure is and continues to be our main goal.  We want our children to be life- long readers and to see reading as a window to the world.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” Dr. Seuss

As teachers we always show our own love of reading through sharing books every day.  We use high quality texts for reading and writing, we make sure we read to the children, making time for story time where we can share books. We choose books we think the children will enjoy and often introduce them to different types of books to the ones they would choose to read.  We use classic  texts as well as ones that are recommended to us from other schools and professionals.  We support children with selecting the right book for them and we spend time discussing authors and genres.  We talk about books the children read at home as well as at school and encourage the children to talk about books they have read with each other. We feel it is important that children are read to by adults, as well as reading themselves, so they can listen to texts and be transported to new places in their mind and encourage parents to read to their children.

Along with children developing fluent and expressive reading we support them, through questioning and discussion, to develop their understanding of text including: being able to retrieve information, explain what is happening, develop inference and deduction skills, predict what may happen, understand purpose and organisation and explore the use of language and its meaning and impact on the reader.  We use VIPERS skills to explore a text at a deeper level.  The children get to complete a range of different tasks related to the text.

Each class has well stocked book corner with comfy seating and a variety of non-fiction, poetry and fiction books, magazines and newspapers which include high quality picture books, graphic novels and chapter books. Our library has a range of books that children can borrow books from also. We encourage reading of all types from books to screen, from signs to posters, from images to text and audio books.

In Reception and KS1 we use ‘Phonics Shed’ books for practising the taught phonics both in school and at home.  The teacher matches the book with the suitable phonic phase for each child. The children are also encouraged to choose picture books to share at home for pleasure. 

To encourage reading as much as possible we take part in World Book Day, author visits, book fairs, trips to the library, Book Battles, Book of the Week and encourage reading through house team time where each house throughout the school meets to share books. Also the children in  Reception read with their Year 6 buddies.

We see reading as a priority as it is a key element of the curriculum, supporting all of the other curriculum areas and is essential for life long learning.

Reading at Home
Reading at home is of great importance, sharing a book with your child can be very special.
Here are some questions to help you discuss books with your child and links to some recommended books.