English is a core subject of the National Curriculum and a prerequisite for educational and social progress as it underpins the work undertaken in all areas of the curriculum.  At Bolney, our vision is for children to flourish in their emotional, spiritual and learning needs and this can be achieved through the love of reading and writing.

Our main objectives within the English curriculum are:

  •          Our children will be confident speakers and communicate effectively and creatively
  •          Our children will read for pleasure and will experience reading as a window to the world
  •          Our children will experience writing as a journey that starts with providing opportunities through real life experiences and quality texts

Speaking and listening is a fundamental part of the English curriculum and is the first way children communicate.  Children need to be able to communicate effectively in the world around us and we provide opportunities and experiences to ensure our children flourish.

We nurture children’s speaking and listening skills through a variety of approaches: exploratory play, story time, hot-seating, drama, developing character sessions, performances and lots of collaborative time in lessons.  We develop these skills so that our children are capable of expressing their own ideas clearly and confidently, in a safe and supportive environment, in all aspects and areas of their school life and into their future.