The curriculum is all the planned activities that we organise in order to promote learning and personal growth and development. It includes not only the formal requirements of the National Curriculum, but also the range of extra-curricular activities that the school organises in order to enrich the experience of the children. It also includes the ‘hidden curriculum’, or what the children learn from the way they are treated and expected to behave.
Our curriculum is planned around our vision and values. We have identified a number of characteristics we would like our children to develop during their time with us here at Bolney CE Primary School. Through our Christian values of love, respect, resilience and honesty and our vision we want our children to be the best they can, guided by God.
Through our values we promote:
  • a love of learning;
  • honesty about our own learning and in our supportive feedback to each other;
  • a positive attitude and growth mindset, where we keep trying;
  • an environment of mutual respect for each other's right to learn.
We have grouped the characteristics from our vision under ten headings. Each group of characteristics form a focus for the delivery of the curriculum over a half term.
The long term plans provide an overview of our curriculum topics.
The Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 curriculum is on a three year cycle.
The Key Stage 2 curriculum is on a two year cycle.  Primary Curriculum Key Stage Two