Students Sing to Save the Planet

20th September 2019

Last week we received an email from Torquay Girls Grammar School who have put together a song to support the climate change protests across the world instead of their students striking. We wanted to support them with this so Silver Birch learnt the song and shared it in celebration assembly today.

A video of our children singing is below.

This is the link to the video from Torquay Girls Grammar School:

The school have also set up a petition in an attempt to get the 100,000 signatures that require the government to respond. We urge you to support this by signing the petition using this link.

We have been talking to the children about how we can look after our planet and that little actions help like:

  •          Taking more public transport, walking or cycling.
  •          Reducing waste and recycling at home and at school.
  •          Turning off electronic items not being used and using electronics less often
  •          Taking showers instead of baths, only using the water we need.
  •          Buying fewer clothes and toys, shopping for things made locally.
  •          Eating less meat and dairy, no food waste.
  •          Telling friends and family about  how they can help.


Thank-you for supporting us with this.