School Improvement

We continually strive to make our school the best it can be, building on our strengths and being honest in our evaluation of the school. We identify actions each year to focus on and review and evaluate these throughout the year. We have a school development plan and action plans for key subjects as well as for our pupil school council and eco council.

School Development Plan 2019-20

We are implementing our identified actions to address our three key targets for this academic year:

Target 1 - Area for Improvement:  Subject Leadership

Success criteria: The quality of teaching in English, maths, science, PE and RE is improved through strong subject leadership using clear, measurable steps that are purposefully monitored and regularly reviewed.

Target 2 - Area for Improvement: Curriculum

Success Criteria: Our curriculum is refined to ensure a rich variety of learning experiences through a clear ‘intent, implementation, impact’ approach, which provides pupils with subject-specific skills and knowledge, and challenge.

Target 3: - Area for Improvement: Vision and personal characteristics

Success Criteria: Pupils have further opportunities to develop the personal characteristics identified in our vision so they leave our school:

  • as emotionally, mentally and physically healthy as can be,
  • with a sense of who they are,
  • showing a good understanding of difference and diversity.