Pupil Voice

The voice of our pupils is very important to us. We positively encourage the children to share ideas thoughts and opinions on how we can improve our school, maintain our happy and friendly family feel and support our community and beyond.
We have a school council, eco council, church council, sports crew, Y6 leadership roles as well as four house teams lead by house captains.
Y6 Leadership Roles

At our school, the children in year six look forward to the start of the year because they get to know what leadership roles they will receive.

What are our leadership roles?

We have a variety of different jobs that year sixes can apply for. At the start of the year the children have to write a letter to the teachers explaining what roles they want and why they think they should get them. The children have to convince the adults that they have the skills and enthusiasm to complete their tasks on their jobs correctly.

We have a variety of different jobs which include:

House captain; sports ambassador; church, school and eco council leader; librarians and music and technology ambassadors.


Why do we have leadership roles?

The reason we have leadership roles is so the children in year six can learn new skills like teamwork, public speaking, good listening and organisation. We are responsible for writing articles and letters. For our house captains they have to think of charity events, ideas to make their team improve and hopefully go and win the house cup which you get for the most team points at the end of the year.
Sports leader has to promote fitness and come up with games ideas for play times.
Music and tech ambassadors and librarians have to promote their areas and think of ways to make music, computing and reading enjoyable.
School, eco and church council leaders have to organise class meetings, promote our values and work with teachers to promote pupil voice.


Here’s what some year sixes had to say about their roles:

Henry is a house captain and this is what he likes about his role:
“You can learn how to develop confidence and spread positivity throughout the community.”

Evelyn is a librarian and this is what she likes about her role:

“Reading a book is like a new chapter in life, you learn new things and get inspiration from authors. I enjoy reading and I want you to enjoy books as much as I do”. 

Daisy is another house captain and this is what she likes about her role:
“Having a leadership role is important because you get responsibility to take in everybody’s ideas and make them into a fundraiser or event, and I personally enjoy that.


 Written by George – Church Council leader