Online Safety

There are now 2 more activity sheets for each Year group. Look for numbers 4 and 5.  Hope you are enjoying these activities and staying safe online too.
These activities found on the link below entitled 'Online Safety Activities for Parents' have been created to support parents during COVID-19 and the closure of schools from Think U Know. Each fortnight, they will be releasing new home activity packs with simple 15 minute activities you can do with your child to support their online safety at a time when they will spending more time online at home.
Please look at these together as these activities are a vital part of our computing curriculum and for our children to become digitally literate.
Willow Class need to access the 4-5 Year old tasks
Beech Class need to access the 5-7 Year old tasks
Holly and Silver Birch to access the 8-10 Year old tasks
Please let us know how you have found these activities by emailing your teachers.