November 2018

10th November 2018

Remembering - 100 years from the end of World War One - peace poppies, church service and Bolney Local History Society's book launch of Bolney and the Great War

  The people came, the children sang, the emotions were stirred and together, as a community, we remembered.

  How delightful it was for the school to be invited to join the History Society for their book launch on Saturday 10th November, giving our children the opportunity to write, and perform, for a real audience.  So often in school we talk about writing for purpose, whether it be to: inform, persuade, discuss or entertain, and teachers work hard to plan these opportunities in across the school year.  By joining with the History Society we were able to give some children their very first taste of what it feels like to stand on a stage and read their own work to others.  The nerves, excitement, joy and relief were undoubtedly present in our children but they took it all in their stride and spoke so well.  Our Year 5/6 teacher, Mrs Burton, led the children through a fantastic teaching sequence in the build-up to creating their poetry which enabled them to write with great depth.

  The artwork and research that happened throughout the school ensured that all children considered the centenary celebrations in an age appropriate way.  This was wonderfully supported by Reverend Ruth’s worship in church where she talked of memories and remembering, before presenting every child with a replica of St. John’s gospel.  These sparked much discussion with our older children as they navigated their way through them.  We hope that they will treasure them and perhaps turn to them in future times of need – just as the soldiers were encouraged to do all those years ago.

  We remembered that the men from Bolney, who lost their lives in the Great War of 1914-1918, were once pupils at Bolney school; they had walked the corridors and played in the playground as our children do today.  Perhaps it was this realisation that encouraged the level of respect that was present as every child added their contribution to the Peace Poppies display in church.  One member of the public, who was present in church at the time of laying the poppies, commented on their respectful behaviour.  This event was another opportunity for our children to demonstrate our school values in a situation outside of the walls of our school.

  We look forward to more opportunities to work with the local societies that we are so fortunate to have in our community.